Vice Golf Tee Jack Nicklaus™

Vice Golf Tee Jack Nicklaus™


The estimated delivery time is between 3-5 business days.

Best materials meet style & conservation

With minimal contact area between tee and ball, VICE TEES will get you maximum distance from the tee! Made of bamboo, a quickly renewable resource, VICE TEES are not only produced in an eco-friendly manner but there’s also no need to worry about waste.

Vice tee practicality

Dealing with individual tees all over the place in your bag? Not with VICE TEES – thanks to the resealable package, you'll always find all your tees in the right spot, avoiding the well-known problem of chaos in the golf bag.

Vice tee indicator line

To help you get the perfect moment of impact and maximum distance, VICE TEES are designed with various colored areas to make it easier to properly position your ball for the tee-off. Push the tee into the ground until the black marking is no longer visible. This should leave a third of the ball visible above the clubhead, guaranteeing a good address position for a successful tee-off, depending on the fairway wood/iron or driver you choose.